President’s Message

Hello Everyone,

We had a very exciting year. First, there is the National Association of REALTORS® very prestigious award: “The President Cup”. You will be proud to know our board achieved this award for the first time ever! We are in good company since all of the boards in the State of Nevada also received the award. Our State board, the Nevada Association of REALTORS®, also achieved it for the first time ever. There are many criteria required to achieve this award, and thanks to the efforts of our State President, Greg Martin, and all of our members we “Did it!”. Pretty amazing!

Our board also did some other amazing things, thanks to the teamwork with our Association office staff and affiliates such as classes in the board office, raising money for “Hopefest 2017” to benefit Carson Tahoe Cancer Center (which was awesome -thanks to all who participated), and a Boys and Girls Club luncheon, which was very successful and rewarding. Additionally, we surpassed our Major Investor goal for PSF of $1,000 or more. Our goal was five, and we hit 25! Thanks to all of you for a great great job.

We also exceeded our “Call to Action” goal of 20%; and actually ended up achieving 28%! This is a very important part of protecting property rights for all of us. If you haven’t already signed-up – do so today, it’s easy! Go to a new text box on your cell phone and type in 30644. In the “message” area, type: “realtors” and hit send. You will receive a “thank you” reply. The next time a “Call to Action” pops up you just hit “Take Action” and you are done. We have only had two this year, so you only will get selected texts throughout the year.

This is my final message of the year, and I want to let you know it’s been a pleasure and an honor to serve you this year. Thank you for all your support! – Steve