President’s Message

Hello to All,

I have been hearing very positive responses from our members regarding the changes within the board. I would like to take this time to acknowledge many of the people responsible. Tracy McLeod, Christine Burau, and Jason Bruch, our affiliates, have been extremely brilliant and successful in scheduling classes at the board office. The pinning of the new agents was by a direct request of Kathy Dean. Although we did succeed at our meetings, we are now refining the process. This is a great way for the new members to meet the board and fellow members.

The biggest change is the location of the bi-monthly luncheons to a location more convenient for all the members. Genoa Lakes has worked out very well. This was a collaborative effort by many individuals checking different venues.

There have been many changes in the front office with much behind the scenes work by Renae Margolin, our membership administrator, Debbie Conklin, our bookkeeper, and Vanessa from our CPA firm. We have been working diligently with our new web designer to make our website easily accessed and maneuverable. It is coming together quite nicely. There are still some quirks being worked on, but we should look very professional soon.

I also would like to thank the Carrara Nevada team, Rocky Finseth, Jennifer Reese and Heather Lunsford, for a great job helping to protect our property rights and our profession during the legislative session. A special thank you to Sandee Smith, your president elect, for participating in all the events so she will be prepared to be your best president ever next year. Finally, I would thank all of our board members and our members for your participation this year. Remember, we all have something to contribute to our profession and we should be involved.