President’s Message

Hello Everyone,

We have had a very productive last few months. First, we had Hopefest with Carson Tahoe Hospital which was extremely successful. I would like to extend a special “thank you” to Christine Burau and all her volunteers who devoted their time and expertise to this amazing event. Great job! Next, we had the luau at the Boys and Girls Club of Western Nevada in Carson City. I wasn’t able to attend because of other commitments, but heard it was a success!

Recently, we had the Call To Action regarding the National Flood Insurance Program which was successful for the moment. It was extended to December 8th so we still have our work cut-out for us. We don’t get many calls to action, but when we do, they are extremely important to our property owners and our industry. If you haven’t done it already, it is easy to set-up on your cell phone:

  • Simply, go to text message and in the “ to” type in 30644.
  • Then, in the message section, type in “realtors” and hit send.
  • It will pop-up a message for you to input your information name, etc.
  • Finally, just hit done.

The next time we get a Call To Action the announcement will pop-up automatically on your phone. Very simple and effective.

Lastly, there are three fun events coming soon: The CornHole Tournament at McFadden Square on Friday the 22nd of September, and the October luncheon at the Boys and Girls Club in Carson City, on Wednesday, October 11th starting at 11:30. Finally, our Installation Dinner is on November 17th at Genoa Lakes Golf Club & Resort where we will be installing your new board and president, Sandee Smith. This event will be MC’d by Mark Ashworth, and he is always entertaining!

Hope you have a great rest of the year, and please join us for all of these festivities.